The Kenosha County Fairs’ Wilmot Raceway will try again to open their 2013 season this Saturday night, May 18th, with the first Family Night of the year. Just $10 for Adults, with kids 11 & under are FREE. The Don’s Auto & Machine Modifieds, R.A. Adams Enterprises / Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks, Fec’s Place / Outlaw race Parts Mini Sprints, and Massive Speed / Hawg Heaven Pro & Bandit 4’s will be in action.

Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to Wilmot, and numerous other facilities yet this Spring. We at the Wilmot Raceway want everyone to know the effort has certainly been put forth and that we want to race as much as they do. The track crew has been working several days a week now for the past 3-4 weeks, and they’ve done a great job. Standing in water ankle deep last Friday digging trenches in hopes to expedite drainage, opening up and tightening up the track surface depending upon daily weather conditions, etc…. It costs us to cancel, obviously we’re not wanting to ever have to do that. The water table at the fairgrounds is just that high. The standing water in the back chute ditch hasn’t gone down at all. Hopefully with sun and warmer temps forecast the next 3-4 days things will improve.

As a FYI, calls are made with good intent. We all want to race, and as stated last week there are always going to be some made that don’t turn out as planned, such as those made by others this Spring with the best of intentions on trying to get a show in and then having to eventually send everyone home after hours of trying and with both racers and fans on premise. This happened three times in our region this weekend (atleast) that we know of, twice to our north the other to our south. We’re all trying. Some calls go as intended, some (no mattter how you try) simply don’t. All are made with good intent.

Anyway, here’s hoping for good weather and great night of racing this Saturday.
If the wet trend continues, we will look at adding dates or possibly extending the season.
This isn’t just a Wilmot thing, it’s a regional thing. Some tracks have lost 6 shows this Spring all ready, or worse.

Wilmot Raceway

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