The Wilmot Raceway is hard at work and in the process of finalizing what is absolutely going to be a blockbuster 2014 schedule. Several specials will be on tap, including a few which we’re sure will delight our fans! Of course Sprint Cars will play a big role, with some Late Model, and a traveling Midget event penciled in all ready. And we have a full schedule of activity planned for our Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mini Sprints, and growing 4 cyl classes.

Our awards date will be Saturday night Jan. 25th again at Bristol Oaks. We look forward to celebrating the many outstanding accomplishments witnessed at Wilmot Raceway during the 2013 race season.

Street Stocks, we will be allowing headers in 2014 to align us a little more with some other area tracks. The exact specs are max I.D tube diameter 1” 5/8 with a maximum 3” collector. Exhaust must reduce back to 2”1/2 behind collector to muffler. No 3” turn downs! X or H pipes will be permitted, though absolutely no 2 into 1 exhaust systems. 1 5/8 headers only, no step headers, no merge or merge type collectors. All headers must meet approval of Wilmot officials.

Contact Joe for any questions.

Lastly, sadly Wilmot Raceway has been the target of vandalism and theft on more than one occasion this fall. Any information on the people involved in doing these damaging acts would be greatly appreciated (and rewarded) as these losers threaten our Saturday night livelihoods. Track prep equipment, tools and supplies, our scales, etc have all been targeted. While so many pull together and support the raceway in such a positive manner, these few have gone way out of their way to hurt all of us who enjoy racing at Wilmot.

Look for more details regarding the awards party and the exciting 2014 schedule soon. Leads on where we can get some GOOD local clay are also welcome. Contact Joe or Steve…..

Thanks to all for their support of the Wilmot Raceway.