First of all, I would like to thank everyone for coming to race at Wilmot and for the most part, we have had great cooperation from the competitors regarding inspections and making adjustment that were asked. There has been better racing as well with everyone showing respect for their fellow drivers on the track. Like I said, for the most part. I also wanted to get a few things clear in a couple of classes to make sure we are all on the same page going forward.


Make sure your bodies are within the measurements provided in the rules. A few cars are pushing the limits in some areas. We will be looking at engine set back and front end geometry in the near future so please make sure you double check these areas.

Street Stocks:

Your initial inspection this past week was for safety and a quick overview of some chassis areas to look for any major problems. We found some issues with outdated seat belts. This is a must fix before your next event. They will be checked again next week and we will not allow the old belts to be used. There was a question from several people about wheelbase. The rule is 108” minimum, no room will be allowed in the area. I noticed several cars that have taken the liberty of moving the mounting locations of the upper control arms to get their desired geometry which is not allowed in the rules. This is causing the issue of the wheelbase being too short. I am overlooking the mounting of the upper control arms but you will have to make the necessary adjustments to meet the 108” minimum. This will be a disqualifiable issue in the tech area at the end of the night. The engine set back rule was changed but a few cars still are not conforming with this rule. Centerline of the fuel pump is to be 2 ¾” in front of the unaltered cross member. This again will be a disqualifiable issue in tech. The seat placement rule will be checked on a regular basis during the season as we pull the top three finishers in to tech plus a possible random pick to bring in as well.  We have made notes as to who had issues last week and will be watching for those things throughout the season. If you would like for us to check anything on your cars before the night starts, we will be more than happy to.


The top three will be coming to tech after the feature event every night. Suspension parts will be checked every night along with some engine items from time to time. We are doing out best to keep this car count growing and moving forward.

Again, thanks to all for coming out this past week and there was some great racing out there. Lastly, and importantly….we have a social media policy which is in the rules, so think while typing, especially before hitting the post button.