McGrath Tops Watson Classic; Spitz Wins WingLess Feature, Cox Takes Season Crown; M. Simons Modifieds; Potter Street Stocks In 2018 Wilmot Finale

Mitch McGrath of Waukesha went wire to wire to win the inaugural Dirt Kings Late Model Jim “Wildman” Watson Classic presented by Allied Resource Recovery to bring down the curtain on the 2018 Wilmot Raceway season Saturday, September 15.

Mitch McGrath of Waukesha returned to the Gary’s Old Fashioned Mix Victory Lane at Wilmot Raceway Saturday, September 15 for the Inaugural Jim “Wildman” Watson Classic, presented by Allied Resource Recovery.  McGrath made it back-to-back victories bringing down the curtain on the 2018 Wilmot season in the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour, after winning at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing one week ago.

McGrath had the most passing points in the heat races, sponsored by The Brent Family, and the re-draw put him on the pole for the A-Main.  Ron Berna led the first lap, advancing from fourth starting position, but McGrath took the lead back on lap two.  Caution slowed the field on lap four, for a spin in turn three.  On the restart, McGrath led Berna, Mark Rose, Rick Scheffler and Jim Schmidt back to the green flag.  Berna looked to the inside of McGrath but McGrath was able to hold on.

McGrath continued to lead the way and by the halfway point, he and Berna had pulled away from Rose and Brett Swedberg who had advanced to fourth.  Caution slowed the field one final time with twelve laps to go.  On the restart, McGrath led the field followed by Berna, Swedberg, Taylor Scheffler, Jared Siefert and Justin Schmidt.  McGrath held on to win the race, his third Dirt Kings Late Model Tour victory.

McGrath took home the Jim “Wildman” Watson Classic custom trophy designed and built by John Burnside.  McGrath was joined in the Gary’s Old Fashioned Mix Victory Lane by Brittany Watson, Jim’s daughter.

Many of the Wildman’s family and friends were in attendance at the Inaugural Jim “Wildman” Watson Classic.  One lucky fan even won a 1/24 scale die cast  of Jimmy’s car.  In addition to family and friends supporting the event, Allied Resource Recovery served as the presenting sponsor, John Burnside built the trophy, and The Brent Family, Redline Web Design, QuarterMaster, and Five Star Fabricating all contributed additional awards for the inaugural race.

Taylor Scheffler was presented with the “Wildman” Hard Charger Award presented by Redline Web Design.  Scheffler advanced thirteen positions, after starting seventeenth and finishing fourth.

QuarterMaster sponsored a Bell Housing Kit worth $1694.33 that was presented to Mark Rose, the sixth place finisher after the race.  Rose was awarded the bell housing kit after a random draw of the top ten finishers.

Five Star Race Car Bodies presented three contingency certificates to the Wildman Classic.   Joe Bongiorno, Troy Springborn, and Ron Stroika were awarded the certificates based on random draw after the race.

The Stockbridge Engineering Touring Kings all advanced to the A-Main, with Ron Berna finishing second, Brett Swedberg finished third, Jared Siefert was fifth, Jim Schmidt was seventh, Justin Schmidt finished eighth, Chris Engels finished ninth, Diamond Jim Letizia was eleventh, Tim Buhler finished thirteenth, and Troy Springborn finished twentieth.

Dennis Spitz of Lewisburg, KY scored his first ever 20-lap AutoMeter Wisconsin WingLess Sprints feature presented by MLS Automotive.  Tim Cox of Park City, Illinois, despite not winning a feature the entire season at Wilmot, won the season track championship.

“It’s been a long time,” said Spitz, receiving assistance from his wife, Tina, and crew as he gingerly climbed from his car due to a sore back.  “I didn’t know if I could get Chris (Dodd) or not.  He was awfully strong.  I knew if I was going to go for it I had to do it then and it worked.”

Dodd took the initial lead weathering a series of four cautions which kept erasing his advantage.  The final, with three laps to go, set up Spitz to try and outside run on the high line as Dodd stuck with his consistent low groove run.  It worked for Spitz, a veteran of 46 years of racing including two old-style Modified Racing Association (MRA) titles at Wilmot who is technically a rookie in the WingLess sprint cars.  Ryan Zielski of Oconomowoc had a career best second catching Dodd on the final circuit.  Jimmy Kouba of Byron, Minnesota was fourth.  Fifth place finish by 2018 Wilmot Champion Tim Cox of Park City, Illinois closed out a title run without a feature win.

“This shows consistency which is helped by having a great crew, sponsors and family behind me allows a championship without a feature win,” said Cox, who said he never finished out of the top six at Wilmot.  “It’s been a hard year because my dad (Roger Cox, past flagman at Wilmot and Waukegan), has been suffering from alzheimers.  That makes this a little bitter sweet. ”

“It is kind of amazing that when I won my first championship at Wilmot in 1989 in the MRA style modifieds, a lot of the guys and gals I am racing against this season weren’t even born,” Cox noted.  “I’m not quite ready to hang it up yet.  It’s still fun so we’ll be back next spring.”

Mike Simons II of Genoa City followed up his back to back championships by winning his fourth 20-lap Modified Feature presented by Uneeda Iron & Sandblasting.

“It’s great to be able to run hard and clean against one of your team cars,” said Mike Simons II, referring to a side by side battle with Tony Izzo of Capron, Illinois who had lead until two laps were left following a restart with four laps to go.  “Tony did a great job.  This is a great way to close out the championship season.”

Izzo came across second by less than a car length.  Sheboygan’s Joel Seegert  was third. Portage’s Todd Kleuver fourth.  Bristol’s John Dost fifth as the top five were separated by less than half a straightaway.

Pell Lake’s Cody Potter took top honors in the 20-lap Street Stock feature presented by JR’s Wrecker Services.

“It was a great race, a lot of fun,” said Potter, a second generation driver.  “The car was set up perfectly.  The track was super fast.  It’s a team effort headed by my dad (Landry).”

Big Bend’s Mark Baker, 2018 Wilmot Street Stock Champion, held the point for the first half of the main.  Just after the first caution, Potter worked into the top spot using the inside groove out of turn four.  A red flag flew with six laps left as Jess Knutson was uninjured after getting upside down coming out of turn four.

A final yellow set up a green-white-checkered finish.  Potter held serve holding off Baker for the win.  Beaver Dam’s Jesse Krahn made is first ever Wilmot start memorable with a top three finish. Brookfield’s Alex Crapser was fourth. Cody Erickson of Algonquin, Illinois fifth.

Asphalt Contractors headed up a huge list of contributors who donated 68 bikes which were given away to youngsters in attendance.

Mindy Cooling State Farm Insurance, Roy’s Auto Service of Antioch, Kratz Plumbing of Antioch, Five Star Race Car Bodies and Menard’s of Franklin helped sponsor the program.

Wilmot Raceway, 1/3 mile clay oval located on the Kenosha County Fairgrounds in Wilmot, Wisconsin, concluded its 2018 season.  Check or the track’s Facebook page for information on plans for the 2019 season.


DIRT KING LATE MODELS presented by ALLIED RESOURCE RECOVERY: The Inaugural Jim “W1ldman” Watson Classic – 30 laps: P1: 74m – Mitch McGrath (Waukesha, WI); P2: 66 – Ron Berna (Abrams, WI); P3: 3 – Brett Swedberg (Shawano, WI); P4: 15s – Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha, WI); P5: 25 – Jared Siefert (Luxemburg, WI); P6: 0r – Mark Rose (Dorchester, WI); P7: 70 – Jim Schmidt (Cleveland, WI); P8: 97 – Justin Schmidt (Cleveland, WI); P9: 33e – Chris Engels (Green Bay, WI); P10: 55 – Joe Bongiorno (Milwaukee, WI); P11: d7 – Jim Letizia (Milwaukee, WI); P12: 8r – Bill Rezutek (Big Bend, WI); P13: 7b – Tim Buhler (Glenbeulah, WI); P14: 10s – Rick Scheffler (Waukesha, WI); P15: 33s – Ron Stroika (Milwaukee, WI); P16: 12 – Dan Pataska (Green Island, IA); P17: d1 – Turk Letizia (Milwaukee, WI); P18: 01 – Greg Cantrell Jr. (DeKalb, IL); P19: r1 – Randy Manos (Rockford, IL); P20: 81 – Troy Springborn (Shawano, WI)

B-Main 12 Laps: P1: 15s – Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha, WI); P2: 81 – Troy Springborn (Shawano, WI); P3: 55 – Joe Bongiorno (Milwaukee, WI); P4: 19 – Kelly Pestka (DeWitt, IA); P5: 97 – Justin Schmidt (Cleveland, WI); P6: 03 – Dan White (Geneva, IL); DID NOT START: 98 – Tom Naeyaert (Shawano, WI)

10-lap Heat Race #1 sponsored by Pro Power Racing: P1: d1 – Turk Letizia; P2: 10s – Rick Scheffler; P3: 0r – Mark Rose; P4: d7 – Jim Letizia; P5: 01 – Greg Cantrell Jr.; P6: 12 – Dan Pataska; P7: 03 – Dan White; P8: 98 – Tom Naeyaert

Heat Race #2 sponsored by Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems: P1: 66 – Ron Berna; P2: 70 – Jim Schmidt; P3: 33s – Ron Stroika; P4: 3 – Brett Swedberg; P5: 8r – Bill Rezutek; P6: 81 – Troy Springborn; P7: 15s – Taylor Scheffler; P8: 19 – Kelly Pestka

Heat Race #3 sponsored by Londerville Steel: P1: 74m – Mitch McGrath; P2: 7b – Tim Buhler; P3: 25 – Jared Siefert; P4: 33e – Chris Engels; P5: r1 – Randy Manos; P6: 97 – Justin Schmidt; P7: 55 – Joe Bongiorno

Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award: Taylor Scheffler

Amsoil/ Freedom Synthetics: Jim Schmidt

Behling Racing Products Certificate: Brett Swedberg

Wehrs Machine Certificate: Mark Rose

Autometer Certificate:Mitch McGrath

Wilwood Lucky 13: Tim Buhler

Real Racing Wheels Hard Luck Award: Tim Buhler

Keizer Aluminum Wheels Certificate: Ron Stroika

Station 2 Cash: Tom Naeyaert

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AUTOMETER WISCONSIN WINGLESS SPRINTS SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED BY MLS AUTO, PADDOCK LAKE: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Dennis Spitz, Lewisburg, KY; 2. Ryan Zielski, Oconomwoc; 3. Chris Dodd, Trevor; 4. Jimmy Kouba, Byron, MN; 5. Tim Cox, Park City, IL(2018 CHAMPION); 6. Chris Klemko, Bristol; 7. Jimmy Sivia, Winthrop Harbor, IL; 8. Matt Vandervere, Zion, IL; 9. Nick Petska, Spring Grove, IL; 10. Doug Schenck, Cottage Grove; 11. Craig Campton, Madison; 12. Nathan Crane, Waukegan, IL; 13. Kevin Hinich, Kenosha; 14. Craig Lager, Union Grove; 15. George Gaertner Jr., Salem; 16. Scott Grissom, Winthrop Harbor; 17. Garrett Deieso, Wadsworth, IL; 18. Greg Olsen, Round Lake Heights, IL; 19. James Walldan, Kenosha; 20. Allen Hafford, Beach Park, IL; 21. Jordan Mattson, Milwaukee; 22. Zach Raidart, Antioch, IL.

1st 12-LAP “B” MAIN: 1. Campton; 2. J. Walldan; 3. Grissom; 4. Johnny Fahl, Brown Deer; 5. Derek Crane, Waukegan; 6. Randy Stanford, Kenosha; 7. Shawn Swim, Winthrop Harbor; 8. Tom Eller, Zion; 9. Rod Colburn, Muskego; 10. Tyler Tischendorf, Waupaca; 11. William Huck, Mukwonago; 12. James Wehrman, Kenosha.

2nd 12-LAP “B” MAIN: 1. N. Crane; 2. C. Klemko; 3. G. Gaertner Jr.; 4. Vince Bartolotta, Muskego; 5. Jordan Paulsen, Trevor; 6. Steve Clott, Bradley; 7. Patrick Haynes, Manteno, IL; 8. Natalie Klemko, Grayslake, IL; 9. George Gartner III, Salem; 10. Paul Shaeffer, Milwaukee; 11. Lance Walldan, Winthrop Harbor; 12. Travis Mahoney, Olgesby, IL.

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Lager; Raidart; Sivia; Petska.

FAST QUALIFIER: Campton(:15.099 seconds).

MODIFIEDS: 20-LAP FEATURE PRESENTED BY UNEEDA IRON & SANDBLASTING: 1. Mike Simons II, Genoa City; 2. Tony Izzo, Capron, IL; Joel Seegert, Sheboygan; 4. Todd Kluever, Portage; 5. John Dost, Bristol; 6. Scott Barnharst, Franklin; 7. Jason Wirth, Elkhorn; 8. Brad McGuire, New Berlin; 9. Danny Walter, Burlington; 10. Jeff Bodendorfer, Waterford; 11. Andy Gross, Hartford; 12. Joel Crowbridge, Union Grove; 13. Mike Wittenburg, Waterford; 14. Will Sorce, Franskville; 15. Brian Crapser, Brookfield; 16. Mike Conn, Big Bend; 17. Morgan Sheppard, Genoa City; 18. Lee Tibbitts, Hebron, IL; 19. Steve Mueller, Eagle; 20. Bart Sievert, North Prairie.

12-LAP “B” MAIN: 1. B. Crapser; 2. Tibbitts; 3. McGuire; 4. J. Wirth; 5. Sheppard; 6. Jack Williams, Rockford, IL; 7. Mike Watson, New Berlin; 8. Terry Kiedrowski, Union Grove; 9. Scott Crowbridge, Burlington; 10. Jeremy Johnson, East Troy; 11. Jason Schilling Jr. East Troy; 12. Scott Shultis, Waukegan, IL(DNS).

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Seegert; Conn; Bodendorfer.

FAST QUALIFIER: J. Crowbridge(:16.738 seconds).

STREET STOCKS: 20-LAP FEATURE PRESENTED BY JR’S WRECKER SERVICES, WAUKEGAN: 1. Cody Potter, Pell Lake; 2. Mark Baker, Big Bend; 3. Jesse Krahn, Beaver Dam; 4. Alex Crapser, Brookfield; 5. Cody Erickson, Algonquin, IL; 6. Chuck Shaer, Ingleside, IL; 7. Pat Rossmann, Wadsworth, IL; 8. Brandon Mertes, Antioch, IL; 9. Adam Crapser, Brookfield; 10. Josh Gehrig, Pleasant Prairie; 11. Nate Coon, Hebron, IL; 12. Courtney Atkinson, Muskego; 13. Carl Sturt, Wadsworth; 14. Ian Malinoski, Franklin; 15. Dan Huber, Bristol; 16. Jess Knutson, Greenfield; 17. Kevin Domrose, Big Bend; 18. John Maki, Antioch; 19. Tony Kautz, Richmond, IL.

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Gehrig; A. Crapser.

FAST QUALIFIER: Rossmann(:18.179 seconds).


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2018 Points Standings


9.8.18Car #Driver NameTotal Points
125Mike Simons1785
224Nick Simons1776
32mSteve Mueller1752
431ALAl Atkinson1712
517bScott Barnharst1543
631Mike Knurr1531
730John Dost1446
822Tony Izzo1369
950Terry Hilgendorf1237
1003TLee Tibbits1198
1152mBrad McGuire1149
1240Jack Williams1109
1310cMike Conn965
144John Hill860
159wJason Wirth828
1633jJoe Huenefeld719
176wDavid Wirth704
1819Mike Wittenburg635
1951JDustin Jackson579
208Zeke Bishofberger513
2103mMorgan Sheppard495
2215wDan Walter489
2356Dustin Kroening474
2419bAustin Blume378
2569Josh Heinze355
26k9Andrew Kiedrowski314
2723Blaze March301
2881Jeff Larson300
2914sWill Source290
3088jJeremy Johnson245
31K5Terry Kiedrowski236
324sJoel Seegert233
3328cJoel Crowbridge229
3457Tim Hamburg228
3595Jeff Bodendorfer202
3657aAndrew Hamburg196
3774Jimmy Vandervere173
3860Jarett Franzea120
3975Jared Spalding119
4015sDon Scheffler118
4170Steven Wirtz109
4260FTim Sorn109
435Tim Bell99
4470Steve Wirtz96
4562Jeff Steenbergen95
4611Bart Seivert92
4715Andy Westman78
485sJason Schilling74
4975Cameron Kuxhouse68
5047Jason Hyerdall60
5199Rob Maule60

Street Stocks

9.8.18Car #NameTotal Points
165Mark Baker1420
246Cody Erickson1383
313RDustin Richards1363
412Brandon Mertes1328
519Craig Kreuser1236
646ACourtney Atkinson1105
77Carl Sturt1010
810Josh Gehrig973
9O9Pat Rossman858
1013Chad Hagler815
1151Nate Coon614
1289Chuck Pinkalla610
1345Kevin Demrose536
14J8James Jaime525
1566Joe Marcomb395
169bBrianna Olsen358
1755David Paskiewicz337
1857Cody Potter328
1992Jesse Knutson309
2025Nick Smalley287
21316Joe Sufras281
2286Bo Ahern251
2374tTrent Anderson183
245Jeremy Olsen169
2528John Maki149
2609MRob Maule148
2755tDarrel Traber145
28c75Marc Caswell108
297RJim Reinhardt105
30151Brad Caswell102
31O5Ian Malinkowski102


8.18.18Car #Driver NameTotal Points
110vMatt Vandervere633
285mSteve Meyer610
35jJeremy Schultz564
425Jake Blackhurst539
54kKris Spitz531
623Russel Borland523
719Todd Daun516
82wScotty Neitzel479
964Scotty Thiel466
1043Jereme Schroeder464
1165Austin Deblauw457
1212Mike Decker450
1310wBrandon McMullen445
1473Ben Schmidt414
154bScott Biertzer399
167Scott Uttech384
1714ajWayne Modjeski369
1823dTrey Datweiler357
19O2Mike Reinke321
2063Nick Matuszewski311
2129Hunter Custer308
2218Keith Fellner304
2370Raymond Hensley276
2417bBill Balog269
250Johnny Fahl222
261mmJim Moughan199
2753wBill Wirth191
2897Alan Gilbertson182
2965Jordan Goldesberry172
3068Dave Uttech170
3145Matt Wiese169
325hPatrick Haynes162
3314Jim Fifield150
347twBrandon Wimmer145
3511Joey Moughan135
365Chase Briscoe127
375Ryan Bowers109
3844Jason Johnson102
3983Justin Henderson100
401mPhillip Mock85
4111Chris Dodd85
4221Brinton Marvel84
4311kRick Kelsey60


9.8.18Car #Driver NameTotal Points
155HMark Heinert1129
219Ion Stear1086
313CJCJ Malueg1062
474Tim Brannam1020
54MMorgan Sheppard970
66Jeff Schmidt937
716Mike Neau911
81Ron Brannam849
976Michael Unger601
1067FKevin Fredrickson542
1142Adam Schroeder482
12K9Andrew Kiedrowski462
1388Nick Sheridan389
149John Kirk364
1534Tim Christenson303
1666Nick Daywalt263
1759John Smith252
185DKevin Douglas252
197JBob Jeziorski245
204Terry Kiedrowski238
2111WJeff Wesell224
2218XNick Petska212
2387RJosh Rehberg194
24B20Tom Brown124
256SDerek Fortier122
2632Darren Ihrke86
274SRandy Standford70
284ABob Andrews59
2974MMax Brannam19
3072Ron Curasi10

Non-Winged Sprints

9.15.18Car #Driver NameTotal Points
140Tim Cox1446
271sDoug Schenck1319
391Jimmy Sivia1286
42kJimmy Kouba1251
518Nick Petska1243
638Allen Hafford1235
721Ryan Zielski1234
82Jordan Mattson1216
915vMatt Vandervere1185
1097Nathan Crane1179
117sCraig Campton1128
1219kDerek Crane1113
1370Chris Klemko1108
141Chris Dodd1088
156Jake Kouba1034
1641Dennis Spitz1021
179Greg Olsen941
1877James Walldan931
195Garrett Deieso926
2054Scott Grissom924
2120Natalie Klemko909
2229Randy Stanford894
2312Shawn Swim862
244Jordan Paulson827
2529ogTom Eller807
266bVince Bartolotta804
2794James Wehrman759
2852Craig Lager759
2939William Huck752
3023zZach Raidart708
311Rod Colburn680
327Steve Clott570
330Johnny Fahl551
34OOPaul Shaffer547
357cRusty Egan462
365hPatrick Haynes417
3793Travis Mahoney408
3810Mitchell Davis353
3926TTyler Tischendorf274
4015HKevin Hinnich244
411HDZach Hansen211
4289George Gaertner Jr165
434gGeorge Gaertner III143
4472Dave Maynard137
4577xLance Walldan136
4616Anna Hippe87
4722Bruce Waterworth73
487cChris Howerton73
491Scott Uttech69

Bandit 4’s

9.8.18Car #Driver NameTotal Points
19BTony Barron1327
229sScott Quarnstrom1307
323sScott Ellis1182
4147Brad Becker1144
511Kyle Sudduth1103
692John Cole1018
723Robin Wachsmuth1013
84Kody Molitor818
925sSteve Ellis641
1065xJohn Smith601
1122Ryan Braun423
129Taylor Dawson408
137Sam VanPatten393
1453John Tuttle381
15227James Bell379
16696Louie Toutant368
17O1Carl Benn319
1849Steve Doherty296
1915Bob Anderson219
2012Dave McKellips213
21k9Brandon Feit205
2243Allen Maher202
2321Josh Werkmeister163
2453Peter Tuttle158
25111Devon Dixon150
26146Brody Rivest147
2718Jay Orr140
285gBranden Goeser136
294PJordan Paulsen124
3035John Daley118
3185mMarc Paulsen104
32111xJeff Bierman103
3393Dale Ehleiter102
3413Jake Balk102
35147Ryan Johnson100
3693Branch Brombach96
371Kevin Gentry87
3885TTim Christenson60