It’s Ground Hog Day at Wilmot Raceway. Despite the efforts put forth, the pits weren’t coming around enough to move forward with tonight’s show. Somewhat similar situation to last week, though this week it wasn’t the track, it was the pit area. The KCF made the call between 12:30 & 1:00 pm today. The crew did a great job fixing the track from last week and other than one real wet spot on the back chute, the track looked good. We didn’t get the sun we needed this morning. When the fairboard made the call, it wasn’t looking good, no sun, pits were terrible, and a forecast in the 40’s by race time. They decided it was not in their best financial interest to move forward tonight, plus the definite uncertainty of getting the pits ready for big haulers. The back pit was definitely not going to be available. The decision was to catch most teams before they left, and we knew several central IL teams we’re enroute. Tough call, but this wasn’t going to be a cheap night, with race time temps in 40’s, NASCAR on TV, and at that time things weren’t looking good. So they made the call. Ofcourse the sun has come out in spurts since and “maybe” with a few more hours of work we could have got the haulers in, but not at 3pm and not without some getting stuck. The track staff wants to race as much as anybody, devoted our entire day (since 6am) and have nothing to show for it. But a call was made and right or wrong they did what they thought was best. They want to race too. Advertising, fuel for the equipment, a crew was working, concessions, etc were all purchased with hopes of racing. Thankfully, there were a few race team members there when the call was made, they were even asked their opinion of the pit situation. They know the effort being put forth. Again, maybe we could have got it to the point where we could have eventually got the haulers in, but what if we couldn’t? So extremely disappointed again because of not racing, thought I’d go watch my son’s ball game this afternoon. But guess what, it was called off because of wet field conditions.