The Kenosha County Fairboard and Wilmot Raceway staff would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Before we get all excited about the big 2013 plans for Wilmot, lets not forget about remembering 2012 with our annual Awards Party slated for January 26th, beginning at 7pm at the Bristol Oaks Country Club, Hwy 50 just east of 45, on the south side of 50. There is a $10 admission. Appetizers will be served, and a full cash bar available. The top 5 in each Wilmot division will be honored, plus a few special awards will be handed out too. Everyone is welcome.

Now for 2013. There will be a 4 cyl meeting this Saturday, Jan. 5th, at Massive Speed located at 2304 Spring Ridge Rd in Spring Grove, IL 60081 beginning at 11am.

A Street Stock rules update…… we at Wilmot have proven to have the most quality and quantity of Street Stocks in the region the past several years. Additionally we feel we have a unique line up of divisions as well…. with fendered classes from the entry level Bandit 4, to the Pro 4, up to the Street Stock, and then the Modified. Then for the open wheelers we have the Mini Sprints and then the 410 Outlaw Sprints. We feel there is a good transition, and a line up that offers something for everyone. With the proven success of our Street Stock division, and based upon many of the responses we received, we feel the direction we originally planned on for the Street Stocks in 2013 to be the correct one. Prior to the 2012 season we told everyone we were going to the 2bbl Holly, period. And that is what we are going to do in regards to our 2013 SS engine rules, period. With the majority of teams all ready running 2bbl carbs prior to the conclusion of 2012, it costs those teams absolutely nothing in regards to “engine rules” for 2013, thus we have decided to stay with OUR original plans. It is bothersome that part of the reason why we went towards the mandatory 2bbl was to be on the same page as the tracks to our north, however without consulting us they have now changed the game in a direction we don’t neccessarily agree with in regards to the escalating cost to be competitive. Our rules package will be on paper and the website soon, however it will not include headers, nor roller tipped rockers. While we know everyone will not agree with what we’ve decided, we also know that no matter our decision, that was going to be the case as some within the division seem to be split on its’ direction. Bottom line is however that the division “has & is” a proven success in regards to competition, and in numbers. Why mess with that success? In regards to the trunk, and steering proposals, we are going to make adjustments to those rules. Wilmot does not run IMCA Stock Cars or Grand Nationals, we run Street Stocks, AND have no future plan of running multi-divisions of stock cars with the eventual hope of merging them into one “more expensive” class. Wilmot Raceway is definitely committed to their SS division, and thus several additional specials for “our” Street Stocks will be included on the 2013 schedule that will certainly reward our teams.

Meeting dates for all the respective divisions will be announced soon. Thanks to WIMS and IRA for leading the way in regards to Mini Sprint and Sprint rules.

The 2013 schedule is nearly complete, and will certainly offer something for everyone, and definitely offer something for all our loyal race teams, no matter the division.
Hope to see many of you on the 26th.

Thank You,
The Wilmot Raceway Staff