(Wilmot, Wisconsin, Saturday, August 5, 2017)–Brandon Mertes of Antioch, Illinois made his first ever feature win special by taking top honors in the 35-lap 7th Annual Tommy Homan Memorial Street Stock Special sponsored by Choppers Bar & Grill of Antioch on Saturday, August 5 at Wilmot Raceway in Wilmot, Wisconsin.

“This is very special winning my first one on this night,” said Mertes, who has been racing for seven seasons.  “I have to thank my family, all of my sponsors, and especially Mr. (Tom) Homan for putting this race together.”

The win was not easy as several yellow flags kept closing the competition up on Mertes.  Mertes took the lead from four-time Wilmot champion Pat Rossmann of Wadsworth, Illinois who had motor issues while leading on lap six.

The final yellow flew with two laps remaining setting up a green-white-checkered finish.  Mertes stuck to the low inside groove on the restart with Cody Erickson of Algonquin, Illinois charging on the high side.

At the checkered it was Mertes by a half car length over runner-up Erickson.  Racine’s Charlie Pinkalla was third.  Big Bend’s Mark Baker fourth.  Kenosha’s Blake Kreuser fifth.

Completing the top ten were David Jones of North Chicago, Illinois sixth, Gerry Stollenwerk of Silver Lake seventh, Carl Sturt of Wadsworth eighth, Jason Jones of North Chicago ninth and Chloe Baker of Milwaukee tenth.

Tim Cox of Park City, Illinois captured his second 20-lap Wisconsin WingLess Sprint feature of the season at Wilmot, with a little bit of being in the right place at the right time.

Just prior to the midway point, Jimmy Sivia of Winthrop Harbor was battling Chris Klemko of Bristol for the lead, with Doug Schenck of Cottage Grove running a close third and Jimmy Kouba of Byron, Minnesota fourth.  A lapped car spun taking out the top four cars in turn four.  Nathan Crane of Waukegan, who was running fifth at the time, inherited the top spot on the restart with Cox, who originally started ninth in the field, right behind in second.

As the race resumed, Cox worked his way into the front on the backstretch and went on to the win.  Derek Crane of Waukegan ended up second after having originally started eighth. Jake Kouba of Minneapolis, Minnesota had a really strong run finishing third after having started 16th of the 20-car field after winning the “B’ Main to make the feature.  Ryan Zielski of Oconomowoc finished a career best fourth place.  N. Crane ended up fifth.

Genoa City’s Nick Simons ended a two-year drought by taking the 20-lap modified feature.  N. Simons overtook Union Grove’s Joel Crowbridge on a restart following a caution period at the half-way point.  N. Simons was followed by his brother, Mike Simons II, also of Genoa City, with the two briefly battling wheel to wheel during the closing laps.  At the checkered it was N. Simons scoring his first main event win of the year.  M. Simons took second, Crowbridge third, Rob Maule of Hebron, Illinois fourth and Tony Izzo of Capron, Illinois fifth.

Nick credited his brother, Mike, who owns the motor in the car, and also thanked his family for all of their support.

Mark Heinert of Waukesha made his third 20-lap Wisconsin-Illinois Mini-Sprint feature win of the season special leading flag to flag.  It was more special because Heinert was joined at the track for the win this time by his father who has had some medical issues.

Ian Stear of Harvard, Illinois finished second, Nick Daywalt of Hubertus third, Adam Schroeder of Zion, Illinois fourth and Kyle Daywalt of Hartford fifth.

Brad Becker of Burlington held off defending champion and pointleader Courtney Atkinson of Muskego to win his second 15-lap Bandit 4-Cylinder Stock Car feature of the season.  Becker and Atkinson went side by side a couple times in the closing laps, but Becker was up to the challenge.  Atkinson ended up second, just like she did the last time Becker won earlier in the season.

Milwaukee’s Tony Barron was third, Mt. Pleasant’s David McKellips fourth and Gary Mondus of Streamwood, Illinois finished fifth.

Wilmot Raceway hosts the Annual Harry Turner Classic for the only appearance of the season at the one-third mile clay oval on the Kenosha County Fairgrounds by the BADGER Midgets on Saturday, August 12.  Wisconsin WingLess Sprints, modifieds, street stocks and vintage modifieds are also on the program.  Grandstands open at 5:00 p.m. with racing slated for 6:45.  Grandstand admission is $15.00 for ages 12 and over, $5.00 for ages 7-11 with children ages 6 and under admitted free.

For the latest updates on track weather conditions and information phone the trackside raceline 262-862-2090, or check the Raceway website or the official track Facebook page.



35-LAP FEATURE: 1. Brandon Mertes, Antioch, IL; 2. Cody Erickson, Algonquin, IL; 3. Charlie Pinkalla, Racine; 4. Mark Baker, Big Bend; 5. Blake Kreuser, Kenosha; 6. David Jones, North Chicago, IL; 7. Gerry Stollenwerk, Silver Lake; 8. Carl Sturt, Wadsworth, IL; 9. Jason Jones, North Chicago; 10. Chloe Baker, Milwaukee; 11. Jim Vandervere, Gurnee, IL; 12. Nate Coon, Hebron, IL; 13. Joey Marcomb, Antioch; 14. John Janssen, Richmond, IL; 15. Steve Rack, Pleasant Prairie; 16. James Jaime, Bristol; 17. Pat Rossmann, Wadsworth; 18. Chad Hagler, McHenry, IL; 19. Tim Christensen, Winthrop Harbor, IL(Did Not Start).

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Rossmann; Mertes; Coon.

WISCONSIN WINGLESS SPRINTS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Tim Cox, Park City, IL; 2. Derek Crane, Waukegan, IL; 3. Jake Kouba, Minneapolis, MN; 4. Ryan Zielski, Oconomowoc; 5. Nathan Crane, Waukegan; 6. Allen Hafford, Beach Park, IL; 7. Jordan Mattson, Milwaukee; 8. Nick Petska, Spring Grove, IL; 9. Scott Grissom, Winthrop Harbor, IL; 10. Craig Lager, Union Grove; 11. Chris Klemko, Bristol; 12. Natalie Klemko, Northbrook, IL; 13. Jimmy Sivia, Winthrop Harbor; 14. Randy Stanford, Kenosha; 15. Doug Schenck, Cottage Grove; 16. George Gaertner III, Salem; 17. Craig Campton, Madison; 18. James Walldan, Winthrop Harbor; 19. Jimmy Kouba, Byron, MN; 20. Shawn Swim, Winthrop Harbor.

10-LAP “B” MAIN: 1. Jake Kouba; 2. Mattson; 3. Petska; 4. Stanford; 5. Swim; 6. Rod Colburn, New Berlin; 7. Dan Wade, Kenosha; 8. George Gaertner, Salem.

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Cox; D. Crane; C. Klemko.

FAST QUALIFIER: Campton(NEW TRACK RECORD :15.000 seconds; Old-:15.041 seconds by Mattson 6/3/2017).

MODIFIEDS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Nick Simons, Genoa City; 2. Mike Simons II, Genoa City; 3. Joel Crowbridge, Union Grove; 4. Rob Maule, Hebron, IL; 5. Tony Izzo, Capron, IL; 6. Lee Tibbitts, Hebron, IL; 7. Joel Seegert, Sheboygan; 8. Steve Mueller, Eagle; 9. David Wirth, Milwaukee; 10. Brad McGuire, New Berlin; 11. Jason Hyerdall, Lake Villa, IL; 12. Terry Hilgendorf, McHenry, IL; 13. Dustin Jackson, New Berlin; 14. Danny Walter, Burlington; 15. Scott Barnharst, Franklin; 16. Mike Conn, Big Bend; 17. Jack Williams, Rockford, IL; 18. Mike Wittenburg, Waterford; 19. Josh Heinze, Waterford; 20. Donnie Paskiewicz, Ottawa, WI(DNS); 21. John Dost, Bristol(DNS).

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: N. Simons; Crowbridge; Hilgendorf.

FAST QUALIFIER: Heinze(:17.503 seconds).

WISCONSIN-ILLINOIS MINI-SPRINTS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Mark Heinert, Waukesha; 2. Ian Stear, Harvard, IL; 3. Nick Daywalt, Hubertus; 4. Adam Schroeder, Zion, IL; 5. Kyle Daywalt, Hartford; 6. John Kirk, Johnsburg, IL; 7. Tim Brannam, Holiday Hills, IL; 8. Kyle Koch, McFarland; 9. Nick Sheridan, Fox Lake, IL; 10. Jeff Schmidt, Slinger; 11. C.J. Malueg, Johnsburg; 12. Kurt Brown, Brookfield; 13. Darren Ihrke, Hebron; 14. Ron Brannam, Barrington, IL; 15. Todd Booker, Woodstock, IL; 16. Derek Fortier, Racine; 17. Kevin Frederickson, Milwaukee; 18. Mike Neau, Kenosha; 19. Craig Lager, Union Grove(DNS); 20. Caitlin Krieske, Spring Grove, Il.

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Sheridan; R. Brannam; T. Brannam.

FAST QUALIFIER: Sheridan(:14.708 seconds).

BANDIT 4-CYLINDER STOCK CARS: 15-LAP FEATURE: 1. Brad Becker, Burlington; 2. Courtney Atkinson, Muskego; 3. Tony Barron, Milwaukee; 4. David McKellips, Mt. Pleasant; 5. Gary Mondus, Streamwood, IL; 6. Nick Smalley, Pleasant Prairie; 7. Kevin Gentry, Pell Lake; 8. Steve Ellis, Pleasant Prairie; 9. A.J. Izzo, Capron, IL: 10. Jordan Paulsen, Trevor; 11. Bob Anderson, Antioch, IL; 12. Jacob Dallago, Antioch(DNS).