The Wilmot Raceway (Fairboard & Staff) would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thanks to all for their tremendous support. We look forward to seeing you on January 26th at Bristol Oaks (Hwy 50, just east of 45) as we celebrate many outstanding 2012 accomplishments, and award the top 5 in all our divisions, plus some special awards too. Everyone welcome. The party goes green at 7pm.

As we plan our rules for the 2013 season, which we’d like to announce around the first of the year, and follow up with divisional meetings shortly there after, we are requesting some feedback from our teams…… particularly in the Street Stock and 4 Cyl divisions.

There aren’t any “significant” rule changes in either the Mod, and Sprint divisions other than tires. The Mods will go back to the Hoosier “IMCA” G60 on the rear axle while being allowed to “run-off” the non-stamped G60 on the front for a “to be determined” period. The Wilmot Sprints will adapt the new IRA RR tire rule which will be a 16″ Hoosier (exact compound yet to determined). Note, that 16″ RR is designed for a 17″ wheel, and can be mounted on a 18″, though a 17″ is preferred. We’ll allow the new Hoosier H12 or last years Goodyears on the LR, with fronts being Hoosier or Goodyear. Note, that IRA, All-Stars, WoO require 4 corner Hoosier.

The Mini Sprints are running under WIMS rules with input from Wilmot Raceway as needed. Wilmot reps have been and will continue to be in contact with WIMS, and attend one of their next meetings to be sure we’re all on the same page, and insure that Wilmots’ interests are being looked out for too. Wilmot Raceway is proud to be the home of Mini Sprint racing in the region.

NOW, as for the Street Stocks. As many of you know the tracks to our north have made some engine changes. We find it strange that those changes were announced before those tracks consulted us, as we have the highest car count of Street Stocks per event in the region. We also see where not all the northern tracks went exactly the same route, so even northern cars can’t run at all the northern tracks. Additionally because these tracks run “other” stock car divisions, there “may” be an agenda to get these classes closer for a potential merger down the road. Since the “north” announcement we have received a few calls / e-mails regarding their new “header” rule, however we are seeing teams split on their opinions thus far. We had a staff directors meeting and decided that we would like to get more feedback from our Street Stock teams prior to making a decision on Wilmot’s direction. We have however agreed to go with “their” changes to the trunk, and steering quickner. So, having told everyone last year that we would be going to a mandatory Holly 2 bbl, which is still the case, we would like you to hear your opinion whether we should adapt headers? In regards to the roller tip rockers, that is really a mess as not all the tracks have gone that way, so either way we’re not all going to be on the same page anyway. No matter what we do, cars still won’t be legal everywhere. So with that being said, do we need to make any changes (other than the Holly 2bbl) regarding engine rules at all? So to truly work with OUR Wilmot Raceway teams, we are asking you to e-mail Steve and/or Joe with your opinions or further questions. We will share these e-mails with Jim Coots & Tony Jenkins, and of course the opinions of 2012 Wilmot Raceway regular supporters are what we’ll weigh the most, so please sign your name and car # to your e-mails. We are requesting responses immediately as we’d like a direction by Dec. 27th. E-mails can be sent to; and/or PLEASE refrain from using Wilmot’s facebook as a avenue to express your views on this topic. We truly want to make the right decision for both Wilmot Raceway and our supporting teams.

In regards to our 4 Cyl teams. We had some strong support on some nights, and a lack of much on others. The 2 class concept allows nearly anyone to compete, so we’d like to continue that model. We would however like to hear your thoughts as to what we need to grow and satisfy our 4 cyl program. Same 2 e-mails as above will work here too.

2013 should be a good one. Wilmot is unique in this region as it is the home of Mini Sprint racing, it hosts the most 410 Sprint Car events, has the largest Street Stock division, has a solid Modified field, and a unique 2 class 4 Cyl concept. We are pleased to announce that the popular UMP LM SummerNationals / Badger Mod Tour event is coming back Father’s Day evening. There will be atleast 10 Sprint Car events including IRA and others yet to be announced, the WDLMA LM’s, both Illinois & Modified vintage groups will be back, we will have both National & regional Midgets shows, plus our own specials for our Mod, SS, Mini Sprint, and 4 cyl divisions are planned. We are strongly looking at going to electronic scoring, and moving our M,SS, F4 work area to outside turn 2 near the scales for more efficiency and safety, plus some other upgrades and improvements as well.

We look forward to hearing from you, plus looking forward to honoring Wilmot Raceway’s best on January 26th (a $10 donation at the door is required).

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a joyous, prosperous, and safe New Year.

Wilmot Raceway