Trevor’s Chris Dodd held off a fast closing Matt Vandervere of Zion, Illinois to take his second 20-lap AutoMeter Wisconsin WingLess Sprint feature of the season at Wilmot Raceway on Saturday, June 6 despite a pesky mist which fell much of the later part of the race program.

“It was fun running to Matt, two of us who used to battle in the 410s going at it in the wingless,”  said Dodd, adding, “It was especially special since my dad (Roy Dodd) was here this time since last time he was out of town.  Hopefully my luck continues when I go to Vegas this week.”

Tim Cox of Park City, Illinois took third.  Nick Petska of Spring Grove, Illinois fourth.  Jimmy Sivia of Winthrop Harbor, Illinois completed the top five.

A late race caution with two laps to go erased an outside move by Vandervere attempting to take the lead.  On the subsequent restart, Jordan Mattson got upside down in turn two bringing out a red flag.  Dodd was up to the challenge and the win.

Racine’s Charlie Pinkalla started the night by posting a track qualifying record, following it up by overtaking Big Bend’s Mark Baker with three laps to go.  The pair moved up to the top two with eight laps left when the previous first three tangled coming out of turn two resulting in all of them being sent to the rear for the restart.

“Mark raced me clean and it was a lot of fun running with him,” said Pinkalla.  “This is a special win to dedicate to Dennis Carlton, and it was an honor to carry the black flag for him during the National Anthem ceremony.”

Dennis Carlton, three-time Wilmot champion and a Lake Geneva Raceway champion, owner of Don’t Garage which has been a longtime sponsor of the Raceway, passed away June 2 and was recognized during the pre-race ceremony.

Baker ended up second. Brandon Mertes of Antioch, Illinois recovered from an early race spin coming from the back of the field to take third.  Cody Potter of Genoa City who was involved in the 8-lap incident recovered to finish fourth.  Cody Erickson of Algonquin, Illinois was fifth.

Janesville’s Devon Dixon made his first visit to Wilmot this season memorable winning the 15-lap Bandit 4-Cylinder Stock Car feature which went non-stop.  Burlington’s Brad Becker finished a close second by less than a car length.  Wheatland’s Taylor Dawson was third as the trio crossed at the checkered three-wide coming up on a lapped car with a flat tire.  Milwaukee’s Tony Barron was fourth.  Janesville’s James Bell took fifth.

“It was a great win because I had a lot of my family who made the trip over and got to see it,” said Dixon.  “This is a fun division to run with a great group of drivers.”

Genoa City’s Mike Simons II, defending Wilmot modified champion, captured his second main event of the season in a time-limit shortened feature due to numerous caution periods which slowed the race’s pace.  Eagle’s Steve Mueller was second.  A fast finishing Al Atkinson of Muskego used the high groove to take third, running out of time and laps preventing from challenging to move up further. Cedarville’s Joe Huenfeld was fourth. New Berlin’s Dustin Jackson fifth.

“I don’t know what happened to my brother (Nick Simons), but it would have really been fun if we had a battle between family members,” said M. Simons, referring to Nick’s having started in the front row but pulling out while contending for the early lead. “I have to thank all of my sponsors and crew who set the car up.”

Next up for Wilmot Raceway on is the Bumper to Bumper Interstate Racing Association Outlaw Sprint Car Series coming to their original home track on Saturday, June 16.  The Wisconsin-Illinois Mini-Sprints presented by the IRA along with the modifieds are on the Father’s Day weekend program.

Grandstands open at 5:00 p.m. with racing scheduled for 6:45 p.m.  Grandstand admission is $20.00 for everyone age 12 and over; $5.00 for ages 7-11 with 6 & under admitted free.

For updates phone the trackside race line 262-862-2090, check the official Wimot Raceway Facebook page or the track web site


20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Chris Dodd, Trevor; 2. Matt Vandervere, Zion, IL; 3. Tim Cox, Park City, IL; 4. Nick Petska, Spring Grove, IL; 5. Jimmy Sivia, Winthrop Harbor, IL; 6. Allen Hafford, Beach Park, IL; 7. Derek Crane, Waukegan, IL; 8. Doug Schenck, Cottage Grove; 9. Jimmy Kouba, Byron, MN; 10. Chris Klemko, Bristol; 11. Scott Grissom, Winthrop Harbor; 12. Nathan Crane, Waukegan; 13. Natalie Klemko, Grayslake, IL; 14. Jordan Paulsen, Trevor; 15. Jordan Mattson, Milwaukee; 16.  Jake Kouba, Minneapolis, MN; 17. Ryan Zielski, Ixonia; 18. Dennis Spitz, Lewisburg, KY; 19. Travis Mahoney, Olgesby, IL; 20. Zach Raidart, Kenosha; 21. Craig Campton, Pardeeville; 22. Greg Olsen, Woodstock, IL.

“B” MAIN: 1. Zielski; 2. C. Klemko; 3. Grissom; 4. N. Crane; 5. Paulsen; 6. Mahoney; 7. Shawn Swim, Winthrop Harbor; 8. William Huck, Mukwonago; 9. James Wehrman, Kenosha; 10. Bruce Wentworth, Randolph; 11. Randy Stanford, Kenosha; 12. Garrett Deieso, Wadsworth, IL; 13. Steve Clott, Milwaukee; 14. Scott Uttech, New Berlin; 15. James Walldan, Winthrop Harbor; 16. Vince Bartolotta, Muskego; 17. Dave Maynard, Twin Lakes; 18. Tom Eller, Zion; 19. Patrick Haynes, Manteno, IL; 20. Paul Shaffer, Milwaukee.

10-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Schenck; Sivia; Mattson; Vandervere.

FAST QUALIFIER: Hafford(:15.478 seconds).

STREET STOCKS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Charlie Pinkalla, Racine; 2. Mark Baker, Big Bend; 3. Brandon Mertes, Antioch, IL; 4. Cody Potter, Genoa City; 5. Cody Erickson, Algonquin, IL; 6. Dustin Richards, Kenosha; 7. Craig Kreuser, Kenosha; 8. James Jaime, Bristol; 9. David Paskiewicz, Downers Grove, IL; 10. Chad Hagler, McHenry, IL; 11. Nick Smalley, Burlington; 12. Courtney Atkinson, Muskego; 13. Carl Sturt, Wadsworth; 14. Briana Olsen, Burlington; 15. Joe Suhfras, Hales Corners.

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Atkinson; Mertes.

FAST QUALIFIER: Pinkalla(18.295 seconds, New Track Record, old-:18.419 seconds by Kreuser 5/19/18)

BANDIT 4-CYLINDER STOCK CARS: 15-LAP FEATURE: 1. Devon Dixon, Janesville; 2. Brad Becker, Burlington; 3. Taylor Dawson, Wheatland; 4. Tony Barron, Milwaukee; 5. James Bell, Janesville; 6. Scott Ellis, Pleasant Prairie; 7. Scott Quarnstrom, Lake Villa, IL; 8. Louie Toutant, Williams Bay; 9. Bob Anderson, Antioch; 10. Marc Paulsen, Trevor; 11. Jeff Bierman, Janesville; 12. Bock Brombock, Kenosha; 13. John Cole, Palatine; 14. Kyle Sudduth, Waterford; 15. Ryan Braun, Brookfield.

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Becker; Dixon.

MODIFIEDS: FEATURE: 1. Mike Simons II, Genoa City; 2. Steve Mueller, Eagle; 3. Al Atkinson, Muskego; 4. Joe Huenfeld, Cedarville; 5. Dustin Jackson, New Berlin; 6. Dustin Kroening, Hebron, IL; 7. Jason Wirth, Elkhorn; 8. Austin Blume, Mt. Morris, IL; 9. Terry Hilgendorf, McHenry, IL; 10. David Wirth, Milwaukee; 11. Scott Barnharst, Franklin; 12. Lee Tibbitts, Hebron; 13. Jeremy Johnson, Kenosha; 14. Morgan Sheppard, Genoa City; 15. Tony Izzo, Capron, IL; 16. Brad McGuire, New Berlin; 17. John Dost, Bristol; 18. Blaze March, Muskego; 19. Mike Knurr, Mukwonago; 20. Nick Simons, Genoa City; 21. John Hill, Waterford; 22. Mike Conn, Big Bend.

8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Al Atkinson; Mike Knurr, Mukwonago; M. Simons.

FAST QUALIFIER: Mueller(:16.703 seconds)