Chris Carlson Tops Mod Action! Rossman, Redden and Jones also score wins.

Wilmot, WI; July 7, 2013 – You can almost imagine the eerie theme music that could play as a soundtrack to a Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series highlight reel this season.  It’s late in the race, the “North-pole Nightmare”  Bill Balog is stalking his prey and in an instant he strikes and flashes under the checkered flag for the victory.

Transplanted from North Pole, Alaska, Balog has given the competitors of the IRA series nightmares this season earning his 7th victory so far this season.   His career win total has now reached 52, just nine short of the legendary series competitor Joe Roe who had ran many seasons simply owning victory lane.

Tonight’s victory at the historic Wilmot Raceway came at the expense of Nick Alden who was driving the race of his career. Alden was leading the contest with six laps to go when Balog performed a well-timed pass for the top spot.   From there Balog would survive a late race caution to score a convincing win.  2011 Wilmot Raceway champion Tommy Sexton gave his local fanbase something to cheer for stealing second from Alden in the closing laps, while Alden scored a well-deserved career high finish in the Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series earning the final podium spot by taking third.

Balog had spent the early portions of the contest running in fourth place behind Kris Spitz, Alden and Tommy Sexton.  After pacing the first 9 laps of the contest Spitz would begin to fall off pace allowing Alden to take over the top spot.

Alden seeking his first career IRA victory was still leading at the halfway point with Sexton and Balog in tow.  Balog began his charge to the front working by Sexton on lap 21 and moments later catching Alden.  Balog and Alden would trade the top spot several times before Balog took command.   Alden would have one last opportunity to retake the lead following the lone caution of the contest on lap 25 but Balog would prove to strong raking the win convincingly. Sexton and Alden would follow, with leading rookie of the year candidate Jeremy Schultz and Mike Kertscher comprising the top five.

In Modified action it was 2011 Wilmot Raceway champion Chris Carlson survived a couple caution periods and then outran Cameron Kuxhouse to claim victory this evening during a mostly green affair.

Carlson had worked by Jimmy Morrison and Mike Simons for the top spot during the first third of the Don’s Auto and Machine Modified main event.   Carlson then kept Cameron Kuxhouse in his tire tracks after the final restart to score a convincing win.  Kuxhouse who had started in the sixth spot in the feature contest had worked his way to second before the halfway point of the event but was never able to get within striking distance of Carlson and would settle for runner-up honors.  Last weeks feature winner Jason Hyerdall was also on the move in the main event having climbed from ninth to third in the late going.  Morrison would fade to fourth at the checkered flag followed by Phil Reghberg who completed the top five.

The R.A. Adams Ent / Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks provided fans with plenty of fender rubbing action highlighted by a great battle between Jimmy Vandervere and 2011 track champ Pat Rossmann as the pair dueled for the top spot throughout most of the contest.   Rossmann was eventually able to gain the top spot coming out of the final corner to score the win.  Vandervere would settle for second after a strong run.   Dustin Holland would finished third in the event but put on a passing exhibition charging from the tail of the 15 car field up to third by the checkered flag. Dustin Richards and David Jones finished fourth and fifth respectively.

One of the largest fields for 4 cylinder cars in some time participated in tonight’s event.  Scott Redden would top the Massive Speed Pro 4’s finishing ahead of Eric Groesch and Neils Kruse.  Jason Jones would finish first in class in the Hawg Heaven Bandit 4’s outrunning Vince Heywood and Rob Ehlenberg. The 4’s are really growing and putting on some great racing.

Next Saturday Night the Powri & Badger NATIONAL Midgets will be on hand along with the R.A. Adams Ent / Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks, Fec’s Place / Outlaw Race Parts Mini 1200 Sprints,  Hawg Heaven Bandit 4?s/ Massive Speed Pro 4?s and Badger Micro 600 Sprints. This will be a great show and one open wheel fans shouldn’t miss!

Adult admission for this special event is $15 and members of the military with an active ID are given a $5 discount to attend the race program. Youth tickets for young fans ages 8 through 11 are just $5 and those under the age of 8 are admitted FREE..

The Bumper to Bumper IRA Sprints then make their next appearance at Wilmot Raceway on July 20th with the IRA vs. All-Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Challenge.

The Kenosha County Fairgrounds where the track resides is located just north of the intersection of county roads C and W in Wilmot, WI.   Wilmot is located just 8 miles west of I-94 taking county highway C which is exit 345.  For those seeking additional information please check out the track website at or call the track on race day at 262-862-2090.





Wilmot Raceway – Wilmot, WI – July 6, 2013

Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Cars

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. Bill Balog [6]; 2. Tommy Sexton [4]; 3.  Nick Alden [2]; 4. Jeremy Schultz [9]; 5. Mike Kertscher [12]; 6. Todd King [8]; 7. Phillip Mock [5]; 8. Todd Daun [10]; 9. Scott Uttech [14]; 10. Bill Rose [15];  11. Scott Neitzel [11]; 12. Kris Spitz [1]; 13. Wayne Modjeski [16]; 14. Bill Wirth [7]; 15. Russel Borland [18]; 16. Lance Fassbender [19]; 17. Jordan Goldesberry [3]; 18. Ryan Irwin [20]; 19. Darrell Dodd [21]; 20. Matt Vandervere [17]; 21. Dennis Spitz [13]; 22. Brandon Thone [22].

B Feature (15 Laps): 1. Mike Kertscher; 2. Scott Neitzel; 3. Lance Fassbender; 4. Ryan Irwin; 5. Darrell Dodd; 6. Brandon Thone; 7. Dave Uttech; 8. Andrew Kiedrowski ; 9. Patrick Haynes; 10. Jereme Schroeder; 11. Allen Hafford; 12. Kenny Haynes; 13. Michael Decker; 14. Rusty Egan; 15. Dave Maynard; 16. Chris Dodd; 17. Chad Tessman

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. Jeremy Schultz; 2. Bill Balog; 3. Kris Spritz; 4. Wayne Modjeski; 5. Scott Neitzel; 6. Lance Fassbender; 7. Jeremy Schroeder; 8. Rusty Egan; 9. Chad Tessman]

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. Todd King; 2. Nick Alden; 3. Dennis Spitz; 4. Phillip Mock; 5. Ryan Irwin; 6. Patrick Haynes; 7. Darrell Dodd; 8. Allen Hafford

Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. Todd Daun; 2. Tommy Sexton; 3. Matt Vandervere; 4. Bill Rose; 5. Dave Uttech; 6. Brandon Thone; 7. Andrew Kierdrowski; 8. Dave Maynard

Heat 4 (10 Laps): 1. Bill Wirth; 2. Russel Borland; 3. Scott Uttech; 4. Jordan Goldesberry; 5. Kenny Haynes; 6. Mike Kertscher; 7. Michael Decker; 8. Chris Dodd

Qualifying: 1. Bill Balog; 2. Phillip Mock; 3. Tommy Sexton; 4. Jordan Goldesberry; 5. Scott Neitzel; 6. Nick Alden; 7. Dave Uttech; 8. Mike Kertscher; 9. Kris Spitz; 10. Dennis Spitz; 11. Todd Daun; 12. Scott Uttech; 13. Lance Fassbender; 14. Ryan Irwin; 15. Bill Rose; 16. Chris Dodd; 17. Jeremy Schultz; 18. Todd King; 19. Brandon Thone; 20. Bill Wirth; 21. Wayne Modjeski; 22. Patrick Haynes; 23. Matt Vandervere; 24. Russel Borland; 25. Jereme Schroeder; 26. Darrell Dodd; 27. Andrew Kierdrowski; 28. Michael Decker; 29. Rusty Egan; 30. Allen Hafford; 31. Dave Maynard; 32. Kenny Haynes; 33. Chad Tessman




Don’s Auto & Machine Modifieds

22 cars

Feature: 1. Chris Carlson; 2. Cameron Kuxhouse; 3. Jason Hyerdall; 4. Jimmy Morrison; 5. Phil Reghberg; 6. Joel Crowbridge; 7. Nick Simons; 8. Mike Simons Jr.; 9. John Dost; 10. Jeff Bodendorfer Jr;

First Heat: 1. Carlson; 2. Morrison; 3. Crowbridge
Second Heat: 1.Brad McGuire; 2 Hyderdall; 3. N. Simons
Third Heat: Bodendorfer Jr.; 2. Mike Sullivan; 3. M. Simons Jr,.


R.A. Adams Ent / Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks

15 cars

Feature: 1.) Pat Rossman; 2. Jimmy Vandervere; 3. Dustin Holland; 4. Dustin Richards; 5. David Jones; 6. Ronnie Mink; 7. Jeremy Olson; 8. Gerry Stollenwerk; 9. Joey McComb; 10. Tony Ryback

First Heat: 1.  Charles Pinkalla; 2. Mink; 3. Stollenwerk
Second Heat: 1. Richards; 2. Rossman; 3. Vince Heywood




Hawg Heaven Bandit 4?s

Feature: 1. Jason Jones; 2. Vince Heywood; 3. Rob Ehlenburg; 4. Suiter Bennett; 5. Matt Krysiak


Massive Speed Pro 4?s

Feature: 1. Scott Redden; 2. Erik Grosch; 3. Neils Krause; 4. Tom Happ; 5. Joe Summers

Total 17 4 cyl cars

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