A couple of things came up in the tech inspection area this past Saturday. A couple of entries had front suspension issues that were questionable. 

After the tech staff discussed the issues, we then made a phone call to Gregg Herrmann from the United street stock association. We questioned as to the legality of spacers being placed between the upper ball joint and the A-arm. While it does not say whether or not this is legal, We were told it is diffidently not allowed. Upper and lower ball joints must be stock OEM. Rebuildable and or raised  or aftermarket ball joints are not allowed. Altering the spindle in any way is illegal. Ball joints must be mounted directly to the top of the upper A-arms. Shims and or spacers will not be allowed. Please do not make any social media comments, contact our tech staff with any questions or clarifications.

Thank you 
Wilmot Raceway tech staff