The Wilmot Raceway finally got their 2013 season underway Saturday. A well prepared track created some great racing action.
Official story to follow, but the top 3 finishers in each class were;

Fec’s Place / Outlaw Race Parts Mini Sprints
1.  Tim Brannam (74)
2.  Nick Petska (18)
3.  Kyle Koch (71)

Don’s Auto & Machine Modifieds
1.  Chris Carlson (C12)
2.  Cameron Kuxhouse (75)
3.  Scott Kuxhouse (57)

R.A. Adams Ent / Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks
1.  Charlie Pinkalla (89)
2.  Pat Rossman (09)
3.  Rob Maule (99)

Hawg Heaven Bandit 4’s
1.  Vince Heywood (97)
2.  Jason Jones (77J)
3.  Rob Ehlenburg (-8)

Massive Speed Pro 4’s
1.  Joe Summers (09)
2.  Neils Kruse (48)
3.  Erik Grosch (46)

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